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What is The Darley Centre?

The Darley Centre is a Key Stage 3 pupil referral unit for students who present challenging behaviour and may be at risk of permanent exclusion or who have been permanently excluded from a mainstream school in North Lincolnshire.

What does The Darley Centre aim to do?

At The Darley Centre we aim to create a safe secure environment for youngsters to re-engage with the learning process through enjoyment, understanding, nurturing, stimulation and consistency.

What are the benefits of attending The Darley Centre?

Students are not in a large class of 16, 24 or 30.

Students work within a framework of rights, responsibilities, rules and routines.

Staff have more time to work individually with students.

Students make choices about their behaviour. They are encouraged to realise the benefits of rewards for appropriate behaviour and accept the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

The Darley Centre provides a tailored curriculum offer to its students, this is to support them prepare for a return to a mainstream school. 

Pupils, parents, school staff, Darley Centre staff and other professionals meet regularly to review pupils progress and set plans for the future.

Will I get any extra help if I am struggling with my work?

All students attending The Darley Centre have their individual needs assessed and a programme is established, implemented and reviewed on a regular basis. We work with your mainstream school to access make sure the correct support is in place.

How do I get to The Darley Centre?

Pupils who live more than 3 miles away who are on a direct bus route are given a free bus pass. Pupils who live outside Scunthorpe, or have special circumstances arrive and depart by taxi (special circumstances are determined by Schools Transport Section at the Local Authority)

Pupils are encouraged to walk to school or cycle if this is deemed to be a safe option.

What happens if I’m late?

Pupils are awarded points towards rewards for being on time. Being late means points are not earned and time maybe required to be made up from pupils free time at break or after school.

Lateness like absence is registered and regularly reviewed by the school and the Education Welfare Service.

What is this ‘Points and Good Day Notes’ thing?

Pupils regularly negotiate a mixture of 3 work and behaviour targets for the week with their teachers. Pupils can earn a maximum of 50 points per day for achieving their targets, being on time and behaving appropriately at break time, lunch time and the way they leave the site at the end of each day, (an explanation of the target sheets and rewards system will be given to all pupils, parents/carers before placement begins).

What do I do with any jewellery/valuables that I bring into school?

Our advice is always to leave any valuables and jewellery at home.

When jewellery or valuables are brought to The Darley Centre (e.g. mobiles devices, etc) they are handed into a member of staff in the foyer and locked away and returned at the end of the day.

What equipment will I need?

All pens, paper, pencils, rulers etc. are provided by The Darley Centre.

How will my parents/carers know how I’m getting on at The Darley Centre?

We like to be in regular contact with home. We ring and/or send ‘Good Day’ notes home when pupils have done well. We encourage parents/carers to contact us to discuss their child if they have any concerns. We always ring home if pupils are more than 10 minutes late for school, because we care. We also contact home if there are any major concerns.

Target sheets are sent home regularly and home always receives an End of Placement Report when pupils leave The Darley Centre.

What happens at Lunchtime and Breaktime?

Pupils are closely supervised at break and lunch. At break all pupils are involved in supervised activities in the hall, ICT Room, garden area or classroom.

At lunch, everyone eats in the dining room. Some have pack-up. All pupils and parents/carers are encouraged to provide or pay for a healthy well balanced meal with no fizzy drinks or excesses of fats, sugars or carbohydrates.

Water is readily available throughout the day and pupils are encouraged to drink regularly.

How long will I be at The Darley Centre?

Sometimes pupils attend for a set period of time and everyone knows that before they start.

Usually, we wait until the first Review which includes the pupil, parents/carers, staff from school, The Darley Centre and any other professionals that are supporting the child and/or family. This is usually the time when we agree on the length of placements.

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