At the Darley Centre we believe that PSCHE and citizenship education is essential in relation to the personal development, behaviour, welfare and safeguarding of our pupils.  Therefore, our PSCHE curriculum is designed to encompass academic and non-academic outcomes for our pupils. This is achieved through a curriculum that allows pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that are needed to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst developing their skills and knowledge to actively participate in wider society.

This approach is consolidated further through the curriculum placing a strong emphasis upon issues that can impact upon pupil progress such as anxiety, stress and unhealthy relationships. This provides pupils with the awareness to recognise and deal with factors that can influence their mental health and wellbeing. In turn this develops their capacity to tackle and deal with issues that have a negative impact upon their ability to learn.  

To this end the PSCHE curriculum aims to facilitate pupils with the skills, attributes and resilience to develop their academic potential across all curriculum areas. This is achieved through a rigours programme of study that encompasses; personal social health education, sex and relationship education, economic wellbeing and citizenship. This broad depth of topics ensures the development of an extensive range of skills and attributes that include: –

  • Leadership and team working skills
  • The development of self-esteem and resilience
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Discussion and positive communication skills
  • Financial management and budgeting skills
  • A social and moral understanding of expectations that are the cornerstone of British values
  • Risk management with particular emphasis on SRE and personal safety
  • Strategies and the awareness to manage their mental and physical health



Assessment is used within each topic area that pupils study. This encompasses a range of formative assessment activities that assess pupils understanding and learning throughout each module of study.  Each module encompasses an assessment focus and assessment activities that are used to consolidate the learning content of each module. This provides pupils with the opportunity to reflect upon their learning and at the same time demonstrate their assimilation and impact of the themes and concepts that they study.

This approach is consolidated further by a rigorous system of AFL being used to provide pupils with developmental targets.  This encourages them to take risks and develop the resilience that is needed to achieve their full potential both within PSCHE and the wider Darley Centre curriculum.

Cross curricular links: –

PSCHE underpins all other subjects that are studied at the Darley Centre. It equips pupils with the awareness and skills to manage their behaviour and interact positively with their peers. This combined with the emphasis that is placed on developing self-awareness and social understanding provides pupils with a variety of skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas. These skills allow pupils to develop the confidence and resilience to become successful learners by increasing their willingness to learn by taking risks and developing their ability to deal with disappointments.

Equally, the breadth of the PSCHE curriculum ensures that there are explicit learning links between PSCHE and other subjects that comprise in the Darley Centre curriculum. This approach provides pupils with the opportunity to reflect upon their learning and consolidate their understanding of various topics that they have studied with in PSCHE curriculum.  At the same time, it enriches their understanding and appreciation of other subjects by affording them the opportunity to synthesise learning between different curriculum areas.

Some prominent cross curricular themes that are encompassed within the PSCHE curriculum include; parliament and democracy, physical health and fitness and managing money.


  • Pupils receive four intervention PSCHE lessons weekly and each lesson lasts 45 minutes
  • Learning objectives are displayed, explained and referred to throughout the lesson
  • A variety of teaching and learning styles are used
  • Lessons are differentiated to meet individuals’ needs
  • A rigorous system of AFL is used to inform teacher planning and pupil learning (See marking policy)

The Role of the subject leader

  • To take the lead in policy development.
  • To support colleagues.
  • To monitor progress in PSCHE, e.g. leading staff CPD, scrutiny of work, learning walks etc.
  • To take responsibility for the choice, purchase and organisation of resources.
  • To be familiar with current thinking concerning the teaching of PSCHE, and to disseminate to colleagues.
  • The subject leader will be responsible to the Head teacher

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