The Curriculum

Pupils attending The Darley Centre follow a broad and balanced curriculum including Mathematics, English, Science, ICT, PE, Art, Humanities (Geography and History), Technology and PSE (Personal and Social Education).

We cover more aspects of PSE than mainstream schools at the expense of Music, Drama and Modern Foreign Languages but we make no excuse for this.

Our students have challenging behaviour and can be on the verge of being excluded from school.   We need to spend more time addressing issues such as:

  • anger management and self control
  • low motivation and low self esteem
  • under achievement and disaffection

Alongside this, we look at individual strengths, subject areas where basic concepts need to be part of an Individual Learning package - so all pupils can experience and celebrate success on a daily basis.

Tese are the topics we address in half term blocks throughout the year.   They are tied into the KS3 National Curriculum where pupils receive half-termly assessments in Mathematics, English, Science and ICT.

See our Long Term Plan (KS3) for more information (PDF Document)

'Wider Key Skills' is an area of Personal and Social Education that we are particularly proud of.   Proud because over the past 3 years our students have produced better and better results and gained more and more nationally recognised qualifications year after year.   In fact, the Year 9 students who left us in July 2011 all completed their Wider Key Skills level 2 (equating to 2 1/4 GCSE Grade B passes at the end of the Year 9 - a great achievement.)

The Darley Centre