School Development Plan

Outcomes for children and learners

  • Year 9 learners complete KS3 with Individual Progress targets achieved
  • Students engage well with the curriculum offered
  • Year 7 and 8 learners complete placement with a comprehensive set of academic achievements
  • Readiness to Learn Scales show improvement in behaviour during placement
  • 1:1 support has positive impact on a students progress
  • Students achieve success at appropriate levels in Wider Key Skills
  • Levels of numeracy increase to match attainment in Curriculum Maths
  • Students feel better able to discuss their emotions especiall when having difficulties
  • Students achieve Individual Targets through increased engagement

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

  • Students rates of progress improves
  • Student outcomes improve because staff competence is increased in the delivery of the curriculum
  • Student meet individual targets on making good progress

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • Learners attendance improves from Mainstream school
  • 75% of learners with a baseline attendance of less than 60% improve by 20% by the end of placement
  • 75% of learners with a baseline attendance of between 60% and 80% improve by 10% by the end of placement
  • 90% of learners with baseline attendance of between 80% and 90% improve their attendance
  • Greater continuity of learning results in learners having fewer exclusions
  • Learners are punctual to school
  • Learners improve their punctuality where necessary
  • Pupils adopt positive attitudes to learning as evidence by improved rates of progress
  • Pupils benefit from a Safe and Secure learning environment


Effectiveness of leadership and management

  • Students understand and are able to use targets to support improved rates of individual progress
  • Regular feedback to students supports them to achieve in individual targets
  • Students benefit from a consistent approach to teaching and learning to improve rates of progress
  • Pupils benefit from KS4 Unit placement through strong support/effective provision
  • KS4 students recieve strong support and provision
  • Pupils benefit from improved leadership capacity at all levels
  • Improved rates of progress and higher levels of attainment
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