Management Group (Governing Body)

Unlike any mainstream school, The Darley Centre has a management group rather than a Governing Body.   This does exactly the same as a Governing Body, but representatives come from a wider range of supporting agencies and many different aspects of education.

Our Management Group is currently made up of the following members:

Member Name Position Organisation
Mrs Val Clarke Chair, Pastoral Care, Headteacher Appraiser Youth Offending Service
Mrs Hilary Strong
Vice Chair Youth Service
Mrs Bev Allison Headteacher Appraiser School Nurse
Mrs Rosemarie Wood Headteacher Appraiser Retired PCSO
Mrs Hilary Strong Headteacher Appraiser Youth Service
Miss Vicky Birkwood School Representative South Yorkshire Inclusion
Katie McGuire
School Representative Principal, Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe
Position Vacant
School Representative
Helen Hockaday
School Representative St Lawrence Academy
Mr Robert Horton Teacher Representative The Darley Centre
Mrs Marie Duranti Teaching Assistant Representative The Darley Centre
Mr Mike Burnett Children in Care The Darley Centre
The Darley Centre