Example Timetable

To understand how these subjects are spread out over the week, please See an example of our a timetable here (PDF Document).

The three rows across each day represent the 3 teaching groups that we run each day - Group 1, 2 and 3. You will also see how long the lessons are, how often they occur and how our days are planned.

What you don't see is how the students are monitored in class. Their academic achievements are recorded in their work and their behaviour targets (negotiated and regularly reviewed) are monitored throughout the day.

Below is an example of a recording sheet which is always sent home every 3-4 weeks. It shows how youngsters can earn up to 50 points every day. 45 points or more warrants a 'Good Day Note' which would mean that in mainstream school that would be a good day!

It is just one of the many forms of communication between home and school.

Click to view the Target Recording Sheet.

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