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The Darley Centre is part of the Local Offer from North Lincolnshire Council. We provide up to 24 places for Key Stage 2 and 3 students for short term placements. Placements usually average 2 terms but may be extended in consultation with student’s mainstream schools.

All placements are approved by the Fair Access and Inclusion Panel, which meets on a fortnightly basis. This is overseen by an independent chair and consists of representatives of all mainstream schools in North Lincolnshire.


The Darley Centre Local Offer

The Darley Centre is a short stay school that allows students who are struggling in mainstream education the opportunity to work in small groups with a view to returning back to a mainstream school. While at The Darley Centre, students follow the same curriculum that they would in mainstream school but with emphasis on working on behaviours that are causing concern in school. Each group is taught by a teacher alongside a teaching assistant. Groups will be no larger than 7 students in KS 3 and 5 in KS 2.

While at The Darley Centre, we will work alongside other agencies who may be able to support students with their education. We are able to support schools with the application for an Early Health and Care Plan (EHCP) if it is deemed necessary. We link closely with the Education Psychology Service at North Lincolnshire Council to support those students requiring their support.

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