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Please see below a copy of the privacy notices for the school:


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If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about anything mentioned in this privacy notice, please contact our data protection officer:
The DPO Centre, 50 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PY
Email: Telephone: 0203 797 6340

Subject Access Requests

The Data Protection law states that individuals have the right to ask organisations to confirm whether or not these organisations hold and process their Personal Data.

This Personal Data could include your name, identification number, contact details, bank details, race, gender, age, health status, email address, location, online identifier and the like.

Individuals also have the right to access their Personal Data. They may do this in order to challenge the accuracy of such data and to request rectification of any inaccurate data.

Please contact the school if you wish to carry out a Subject Access Request. We require your details, and in some cases a form of identification in order to process your request. Acceptable forms of identification include passport and driving licence.

This information is only used to process your request and is not retained by the school.

There may be occasions where the identity of a subject is already known to us, so no form of ID is required.

In most cases we would not charge a fee to comply with a subject access request. However where the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive we may charge a “reasonable fee” for the administrative costs of complying with the request. We may also charge a reasonable fee if an individual requests further copies of their data following a request. You must base the fee on the administrative costs of providing further copies.

Once received we will act on the subject access request without undue delay and at the latest within one month of receipt. We will calculate the time limit from the day after the request has been received (whether the day after is a working day or not) until the corresponding calendar date in the next month.


If this is not possible because the following month is shorter (and there is no corresponding calendar date), the date for response is the last day of the following month. If the corresponding date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, we have until the next working day to respond.

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